TitleSectarianism and the problem of overpopulation: political representations of reproduction in two low-income neighbourhoods of Beirut, Lebanon
AuthorsAshish Premkumar, Karma Salem, Sarah Akhtar , Mary E. Deeb & Lisa J. Messersmith
PublicationCulture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care. 2012 Sep; 1-14.


The role of confessionalism in the Lebanese healthcare sector, especially since the resolution of the Lebanese civil war (1975–1990), has yet to discussed at length in reproductive health research. Using biopolitical and structural violence models to describe how community leaders in two low-income neighbourhoods in Beirut describe reproductive healthcare – specifically through judgments of perceived sect size vis-a`- vis perceived use of birth control measures – this paper attempts to provide critical analysis of the state of reproductive health in this setting. By using a theoretical model of analysis, which we refer to as the political anatomy of reproduction, we hope to unmask how confessionalism is perpetuated through discussions of reproductive health and how public health and medical communities can challenge this technique of power.
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