TitlePredictive Factors for Uptake of Post-Abortion Care in Western Kenya
AuthorsOnyango M. A., Oguttu M., Barger M.
PublicationAfrican Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. 2010 Jul; 4(3):115-120.
AbstractThe objective of this study was to establish factors associated with the receipt of post-abortion contraceptive counselling and uptake at private health facilities in western Kenya. A cross-sectional study was conducted at 25 private health facilities from July 2004-October 2004. A total of 403 women were interviewed following post-abortion care (PAC) via manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). Nurse-midwives provided the majority of PAC (55%). Only 44% of women received contraceptive counselling and 31% adopted a method. The strongest predictor for receipt of counselling was obtaining PAC at a low MVA volume facility (odds ratio 5.63). Women who received contraceptive counselling, and those who had an unplanned pregnancy, were three times more likely to adopt a method. Uptake of a method was also influenced by counselling time. Busy facilities in western Kenya should consider training staff specifically for post-abortion contraceptive counselling to increase uptake following PAC.