TitlePotential Impact of New WHO Criteria for Antiretroviral Treatment for Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission
AuthorsKuhn L., Aldrovandi G. M., Sinkala M., Kankasa C., Mwiya M., Thea D. M.
PublicationAIDS. 2010 Jun; 24(9):1374-7.
AbstractWe reviewed the potential impact of new WHO criteria for antiretroviral therapy using data from 1025 HIV-infected women and infants followed for 24 months in Lusaka, Zambia. The new criteria require initiating therapy among 68% of pregnant women and, if fully effective, would prevent 92% of maternal deaths and 88% of perinatal and postnatal infections. Using CD4 cell count below 350 cells/microl, irrespective of clinical stage, is more efficient and stricter CD4 cutoffs would be counter productive.
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