TitlePhysical Activity and Psychosocial Discomfort among High School Students in Taipei, Taiwan
AuthorsPage R., Lee C-M., Miao N-F., Dearden K., Carolan A.
PublicationThe International Quarterly of Community Health Education. 2004 Jan; 22(3):290-297.
AbstractThe relationship between physical activity and psychosocial discomfort was investigated among a sample of 2,665 high school students in Taipei, Taiwan. Results showed that both boys and girls who were physically inactive or engaged in infrequent physical activity scored higher than their more physically active counterparts on three measures of psychosocial discomfort--loneliness, shyness, and hopelessness. Results also showed that a high proportion of Taipei City and Taipei County high school students did not report frequent participation in vigorous physical activity and strengthening exercises. This study's findings are discussed in the context of implications for health education programs aimed at increasing physical activity in youth. Additionally, this study explores cross-national differences in loneliness, shyness, and hoplessness between this sample of adolescents and samples of adolescents in the United States and another Asian country.