TitleNonclinical Distribution of the Pill in the Developing World
AuthorsRosenfield A., Maine D., Gorosh M.
PublicationInternational Family Planning Perspectives. 1980 Dec; 6(4):130-136.
AbstractThe pill has had a remarkable impact on con- traceptive practice throughout the world since its introduction 20 years ago. The most effective modem contraceptive method, and one of the first not directly related to sexual intercourse, * the oral contraceptive has been made available in an increasing number of countries through organized family planning programs, often as a component of a national population policy aimed at reducing fertility. 1 It is estimated that more than 150 million women worldwide have used the pill at some time since it was marketed in the early 1960s. About 50-60 million women are currently thought to be using one of the many brands of oral contraceptives currently available.