TitleLa Riforma dei Servizi Sanitari Negli Stati Uniti. Alcune Considerazioni alla Luce dell’Esperienza del Massachusetts
AuthorsCappiello, G., Mancini, G., Feeley, F.G.
PublicationMecosan. 2011 Jan; 76:17-28.
AbstractThe reform pursued by President Obama has not revolutionized the American health care system because it has not introduced the single payer system in substitution for the free insurance market, but has created a more  homogeneous and integrated organization, guarantying 95% of the population the health insurance coverage. The principles of  solidarity that historically characterize the European approach to medicine, is now established the same as the individual right to chose. The main issue remains that of cost control, which is the other objective of the reform. It is possible to evaluate the potential effects of the national reform, analyzing the consequences of the Massachusetts reform that for the first time in 2006, extended insurance coverage in its own State.
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