TitleImpact of Prepackaging Antimalarial Drugs on Cost to Patients and Compliance with Treatment
AuthorsYeboah-Antwi K., Gyapong J. O., Asare I. K., Barnish G., Evans D. B., Adjei S.
PublicationBull World Health Organ. 2001 Jun; 79(5):394-9.
AbstractOBJECTIVE: To examine the extent to which district health teams could reduce the burden of malaria, a continuing major cause of mortality and morbidity, in a situation where severe resource constraints existed and integrated care was provided. METHODS: Antimalarial drugs were prepackaged into unit doses in an attempt to improve compliance with full courses of chemotherapy. FINDINGS: Compliance improved by approximately 20% in both adults and children. There were 50% reductions in cost to patients, waiting time at dispensaries and drug wastage at facilities. The intervention, which tended to improve both case and drug management at facilities, was well accepted by health staff and did not involve them in additional working time. CONCLUSION: The prepackaging of antimalarials at the district level offers the prospect of improved compliance and a reduction in the spread of resistance.