TitleHIV/AIDS Related Sexual Risk Behaviors In Rural-To-Urban Migrants In China: A Study in Adult Men of Different Ages.
AuthorsYang T., Wang W., Beard J., Abdullah A. S., Cao C., Shen M.
PublicationSocial Behavior and Personality Journal. 2009 Mar; 37(3):419-32.
AbstractThere is a lack of research concerning the connection between HIV-related sexual risk behaviors (SRBs) and the psychological characteristics of middle-aged male migrants in China. This study was aimed at describing how psychological characteristics affected the SRBs of migrant men in two Chinese cities. A cross-sectional survey in Hangzhou and Guangzhou was used to collect sociodemographic and psychological data from male migrants over 3 age groups: 20-29 (Group I), 30-39 (Group II), and 40-59 years (Group III). The mean incidence of the participants’ extramarital sex was higher in Group I than Group III, while the mean Hedonism Seeking Scale (Yang et al., 2006) score was higher in Group III than Group I. Results suggest that poor health status, higher stress levels and higher hedonism seeking increase sexual risk taking in middle-aged male migrants, while the longer the duration of living in an urban area and living with a partner reduce such behaviors in all groups.