TitleFrequency and Trajectory of Abnormalities in Respiratory Rate, Temperature and Oxygen Saturation in Severe Pneumonia In Children
AuthorsRasa Izadnegahdar, Matthew P. Fox, Donald Thea, and Shamim A. Qazi
PublicationPediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 2012 Aug; 31(8):863-865.
AbstractThe frequency or trajectory of vital sign abnormalities in children with pneumonia has not been described. In a cohort of 2714 patients with severe pneumonia identified and treated as per the World Health Organization definition and recommendations, tachypnea, fever and hypoxia were found in 68.9%, 23.6% and 15.5% of children, respectively. Median oxygen saturation returned to a normal range by 10 hours following initiation of treatment, followed by temperature at 12 hours and respiratory rate at 22 hours for subjects <12 months and at 48 hours for those ≥12 months of age.