TitleFilling the gap in Health staffing in Post-Conflict states: a Modest but innovative Proposal
AuthorsFrank Feeley, Susan Foster, Kara Galer, and Martin McKee
PublicationPardee Center Task Force Report: Remittance Flows to Post-Conflict States: Perspectives on Human Security and Development. 2013 Oct; 127-132.
High rates of “brain drain” from many developing countries are one reason for a shortfall in the supply of health professionals in these countries. Emigration of health professionals can be particularly severe in countries that have experi- enced a humanitarian crisis. Severe shortages of health professionals in fragile states, especially those emerging from conflict, will not be relieved in the short run by expanding the numbers in training. Our hypothesis is that: a) there is a substantial number of medical and nursing graduates working in high-income countries who have considered returning to their home countries; b) have been discouraged from doing so because of concern about loss of future pension entitlement; and c) may be encouraged to return by using development funds to continue contributions to their current public pension plans.
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