TitleExploring the Impact of the Community-Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CBCO) Program
AuthorsBruce Larson & the CBCO Study Team
LocationWashington, DC


The Community Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CBCO) program operated during 2006‐2011 in Nyanza Province and portions of Eastern Province. Christian Aid partnered with two NGOs, the Benevolent Institute for Development Initiatives (BIDII) in Eastern Province and Anglican Development Services (ADS, formerly known as Inter Diocesan Christian Community Services) in Nyanza Province, to implement the program. The central component of the CBCO program was to support household economic strengthening through the development of village “saving and loan associations” (SLAs), which for the CBCO program consisted of a group of approximately 30 OVC caregivers. The SLA was an institution through which members could mobilize local resources to improve access to credit, to support group‐based income generating activities, and to provide a conduit through which other CBCO program services could be provided to OVC. As part of the OVC‐CARE Project, Boston University in collaboration with Christian Aid, BIDII, and ADS, completed a two‐year program of research evaluating the costs and impacts of the CBCO program.
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