TitleEndline Study for Queen ‘Mamohato Hospital Public Private Partnership
AuthorsTaryn Vian, Nathalie McIntosh, Aria Grabowski, Bram Brooks, Brian Jack, Elizabeth Limakatso Nkabane
Publication. 2013 Sep;.
AbstractIn 2006, the Government of Lesotho (GoL) adopted a major new public private partnership (PPP) approach in the health care sector. The PPP had two purposes: first, to replace the aging plant and equipment from Queen Elizabeth II (QEII), the 100-year old national referral hospital in Maseru and to extend and upgrade the network of urban filter clinics which, together with the hospital, provided publicly-funded health care services in the greater Maseru district, and referral services for the country. The PPP thus included construction of a new, 425-bed national referral hospital (Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital, or QMMH), a gateway clinic adjacent to the hospital, and the refurbishment and re-equipment of three urban filter clinics: Qoaling, Mabote and Likotsi. The second purpose of the PPP was to engage the private sector in new ways to ensure that these new facilities functioned effectively as an integrated care network to provide more efficient, higher quality care and expanded access to services for the population. Between February and May 2013, Boston University’s Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD) and LeBoHA, conducted a study of Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital, gateway clinic, and the three urban filter clinics included in the PPP. Please contact Taryn Vian at for a copy of the report.
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