TitleEmissions of N2O from Tropical Forest Soils- Response to Fertilization with NH4+, NO3-, and PO43-
AuthorsKeller M., Kaplan W., Wofsy S. C., Dacosta J. M.
PublicationJ. Geophys. Res.-Atmospheres. 1988 Jan; 93(2):1600-1604.
AbstractUndisturbed oxisols in a central Amazon tropical forest were fertilized with ammonium, nitrate, or phosphate. Enhanced emissions of N2O were observed for all treatments within 1 day of fertilization, with the response NO3 ≫NH4 +≫PO4 3−. Approximately, 0.5% of applied NO3 was converted to N2O within 2 weeks after application, with less than 0.1% of the NH4 + converted to N2O. These experiments reveal a potentially large source of N2O from microbial reduction of NO3 in the clay soils of Amazonia.