TitleDocumentation of Three Programs Providing Family-centered Support to Most‐At‐Risk Populations (MARP) and Their Children: Ukraine, Viet Nam, Zambia
AuthorsCenter for Global Health & Development
LocationWashington, DC


In a 2010 literature review, researchers from the Boston University Center for Global Health and Development found little evidence describing the physical and mental health, educational achievement, specific vulnerabilities, and sources of resilience of children whose parents are most‐at‐risk for HIV infection (MARP) (1). Documentation and evaluation of programs and interventions that provide services to MARP and their children were also largely unavailable. In an effort to address this gap and learn more about these families, we partnered with three organizations providing services to one or more most‐at‐risk populations and their children. Findings are presented from Tasintha (a grassroots organization in Zambia providing services to sex workers and their children), and from HealthRight International Ukraine and Family Health International, Viet Nam (both large international NGOs working with local partners to provide services to drug users and their children). This report documents the history of the programs, activities and services offered, implementation challenges, and promising practices.
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