TitleCorporate Social Responsibility in Global Health: The Pfizer Global Health Fellows International Volunteering Program
AuthorsVian T., McCoy K., Richards S., Connelly P., Feeley F.
PublicationHuman Resources Planning. 2007 Jan; 30(1):30-35.
AbstractPharmaceutical companies are experiencing increasing pressures to act in ways that are socially responsible with regard to global health problems, particularly in light of the global AIDS pandemic. This article describes an approach undertaken by Pfizer Corporation, which uses international corporate volunteering to build capacity for service delivery in low-resource settings. An evaluation of the Pfizer Global Health Fellows program found that the program has had positive effects on recipient organizations, and has enhanced the personal and professional skills of participating employees. The authors discuss ways to leverage program outcomes for greater impact on employee motivation and professional development, corporate reputation, and accountability for company social performance.
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