TitleCommitted Communities Development Trust: Integrating Home-Based and Residential Care and Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
AuthorsJennifer Beard, Ashok Patwari, & Priya Kumar
LocationWashington, DC


Since 1995 the Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) has been at the forefront of Mumbai’s civil-society response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The families who fall within CCDT’s ambit of care and support experience vulnerability on multiple levels.  Boston University partnered with CCDT and USAID to document the care for children and ongoing family support provided through CCDT’s four crisis intervention centers (CICs): Ashray, Aakaar, Ankur Asmita, and Umang. This report documents the needs of the children living in CCDT’s CICs, the care they receive, and the evolution of CCDT’s care and support services over the last fifteen years. The analysis looks at factors contributing to successes, challenges, and the organization’s strategic vision, and recommends next steps for evaluating program effectiveness and cost in order to establish evidence-based best practices. The overarching objective is to offer lessons learned from CCDT’s long history providing care to vulnerable children and families to government and other organizations looking for promising models to replicate and bring to scale to fill an overwhelming need.
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