TitleA Health Systems Approach to Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness: Methods and Tools
AuthorsLawrence M. Barat, Diaa Hammamy, Emmanuel Wansi, Stefan Peterson, Davidson H. Hamer, and Asha George
PublicationAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine. 2012 Nov; 87(5):69-76.


Integrated community case management (iCCM) of childhood illness is an increasingly popular strategy to expand life-saving health services to underserved communities. However, community health approaches vary widely across countries and do not always distribute resources evenly across local health systems. We present a harmonized framework, developed through interagency consultation and review, which supports the design of CCM by using a systems approach. To verify that the framework produces results, we also suggest a list of complementary indicators, including nine global metrics, and a menu of 39 country-specific measures. When used by program managers and evaluators, we propose that the framework and indicators can facilitate the design, implementation, and evaluation of community case management.

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