TitleEvaluation of USAID/PACT Program For Highly Vulnerable Children: Yekokeb Berhan Baseline Findings: Final Report
AuthorsCandace Miller, Jonathan Simon, Wassie Kebede, Malcolm Bryant, Nafisa Halim, Elizabeth Henry, Lora Sabin, Nancy Scott
PublisherUSAID Project SEARCH
LocationWashington, DC
AbstractThe Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD), in collaboration with Addis Ababa University School of Social Work (AAU-SSW), conducted the baseline of a multi-year evaluation study to understand the situation of highly vulnerable children (HVC) and their households throughout the eleven regions and city administrations of Ethiopia. The evaluation is intended to serve as a: 1) source of evidence to help the Government of Ethiopia, USAID, and Pact make informed decisions; 2) tool to help Pact implementers improve upon current activities so that programs yield the greatest possible impacts; and 3) resource for stakeholders engaged in improving the lives of highly vulnerable children. This report contains the findings of the baseline data collection, which establishes benchmarks for ongoing monitoring and evaluation.    
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