Update of WHO-CHOICE Cost Effectiveness Analysis for Child Health Interventions

Project Description

In order to provide updated information on the cost-effectiveness of child health interventions to support the attainment of Millennium Development Goal 4,  the principal investigator will update the WHO-CHOICE global cost effectiveness analysis model and produce estimates based on new epidemiological and cost data for the WHO Department of Health Systems Financing (HSF). Interventions included are case management of pneumonia, ORS, antibiotics for dysentery, zinc and Vitamin A supplementation, Vitamin A for measles treatment, complementary feeding and management of severe malnutrition.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Gesine Meyer-Rath
BU Co-Investigators n/a
Collaborators Jeremy Lauer (WHO), Karin Stenberg (WHO), Tessa Tan-Torres (WHO)
Country(ies) WHO sub-regions AfrE, SearD, AfrD, AmrD, EmrD
Dates of Research 2012-2013
Donor/Funder WHO