The Pfizer Global Health Fellows Evaluation: A Private Sector Partnership

Project Description

The Pfizer Global Health Fellows (GHF) program works with local health care organizations to identify fellowship opportunities for Pfizer employees to work in developing country or domestic nonprofit organizations. Pfizer employees dedicate up to 6 months of their time working in these organization, applying their professional skills to help address operational challenges to the provision of health care and to strengthen individual, programmatic, and organizational capacity.

Since 2003, Boston University’s Center for Global Health & Development has been working with Pfizer to develop and implement a customized monitoring and evaluation process to assess the social impact of the program and to measure the performance of Pfizer colleagues against specific assignment objectives for individual professional development.

Overall we have learned that Fellows contribute significantly toward strengthening the capacity of partner organizations to improve staff skills and leadership, improve operational efficiency, and improve the delivery and quality of services. Fellows also benefit from the experience of living in another country and culture and strengthening their own professional skills.

Over the years, the GHF program has developed long-term partnerships by sending multiple Fellows to build local capacity and ensure sustainability. The CGHD is also collaborating with the GHF management team, former Fellows, and partner organizations to write several in-depth case studies describing and analyzing the successes and challenges of some of these ongoing partnerships.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Jennifer Beard
Country(ies) Global
Dates of Research 2005 – ongoing