Supporting Healthy Exclusive Breastfeeding (SHEBA)

Supporting Healthy Exclusive Breastfeeding (SHEBA) is a pilot program which seeks to establish a network of trained traditional birth attendants (tTBAs) and community motivators to promote exclusive breastfeeding in Zambia’s Monze District. Exclusive breastfeeding, essential to the postnatal prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, is sporadically promoted at health facilities but rarely, if ever, in the community. To date, the CGHD has trained 34 tTBAs and 24 community motivators in exclusive breastfeeding messages and how best to deliver those messages to the larger community. Through the program, tTBAs incorporate exclusive breastfeeding messaging into their regular service provision and community motivators hold bi-monthy community information sessions on encouraging exclusive breastfeeding. This pilot launched in November 2009 with baseline program information collected for eventual end-line comparison. If the program improves the uptake of exclusive breastfeeding in these rural communities, the CGHD intends to scale-up this program in other Southern Province districts.

This is a sub-project of the Boston University Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Integration Project.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Donald Thea
Boston University Co-Investigators Godfrey BiembaCaitlin Goggin, Leoda Homomba, Arthur MazimbaNancy Scott, Phil Seidenberg,  Katherine Semrau
Country(ies) Zambia
Dates of Research 2008–2010