Planning Study for National Hospital in Lesotho

Project Description

In 2002, the CGHD received a contract to evaluate options for renewing or replacing the Queen Elizabeth II hospital, Lesotho’s national referral hospital and the major source of health care in the capital, Maseru. The CGHD analyzed the travel patterns of QEII patients, the needs of existing inpatients (including the number with likely AIDS infections), the reasons for referring patients to South Africa, and the existing operating costs. Project consultants assessed the physical structures at QEII and two hospitals designated as regional referral centers. The report rejected the proposal for two hospitals (one for referrals, one for routine care of Maseru residents). The CGHD recommended the program of care and number of beds in a replacement hospital, and estimated both capital and operating costs for the new building. The report also suggested creating a separate entity with management and financial autonomy to run the new facility. With support of the World Bank, a new hospital is under construction by a public/private partnership that holds a long-term contract with the Lesotho Ministry of Health. It will open in 2011. Boston University has continued to provide input during the development of this partnership, including a baseline analysis of services that will be used in monitoring the performance of the new partnership hospital.

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Project Details

Principal Investigator Bill Bicknell
Boston University Co-Investigators
Country(ies) Lesotho
Dates of Research