Orphans and Vulnerable Children Research in India

Project Description

Within the India Children’s HIV/AIDS policy framework, USAID orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) programs are situated at the heart of India’s vision for reducing HIV/AIDS transmission and improving the lives of infected and affected children. However, in order to move the OVC agenda constructively forward, evidence-based assessments and evaluations are essential to inform policy and programming. To address this critical need, USAID has engaged with Boston University (BU), through the Orphans and Vulnerable Children—Comprehensive Action Research (OVC-CARE) Project, to develop and conduct applied research and evaluation studies that will generate key lessons about the experience, impact and effectiveness of different program approaches and strategies across the USAID-funded OVC programs. BU’s strategic inputs and scientific documentation will be an important stepping stone in creating an India-specific OVC evidence base and contributing to an understanding of the Government of India’s OVC policy framework and pathways for the future.

Over the course of 2011, the Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD) will conduct six program evaluations. The proposed project activities will generate new knowledge that can be useful to NGOs, inform USAID programming as well as that of other donors, and also feed into the current national OVC dialogue as it evolves into the next 5-year National AIDS Control Program (NACP IV) within the limitations of quasi-experimental program evaluation methodologies.

There are six activities in addition to the dissemination and capacity building workshop that fall under the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Research in India. These activities are well-aligned to the India OVC policy framework and will provide a range of complementary findings that can be practically applied in the Indian context. Descriptions of the activities are as follows:

This is one project under the CGHD’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children—Comprehensive Action Research project (OVC-CARE).

Project Details

Principal Investigator Jonathon Simon
Boston University Co-Investigators Malcolm Bryant, Jenny Ruducha,
  • Avert Society
  • Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT)
  • Community Health Education Society (CHES)
  • Family Health International
  • Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT)
  • Sneha Charitable Trust (SCT)
  • Voluntary Health Services (VHS)
Country(ies) India
Dates of Research 2011–2012