Measuring the Impact of Household Economic Strengthening Interventions for OVC

Project Description

Because of the nature of the emergency response to the OVC challenge, initial programming did not collect information on the outcome and impact of interventions. Where outcome measures have been proposed, there is insufficient evidence to know which indicators provide the best information about program achievement and the most appropriate guidance for future programming. The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Comprehensive Research Project (OVC-CARE) is attempting to answer the question: “What has been the impact of household economic strengthening interventions on OVC well-being as well as on household welfare?”

Working in partnership with Christian Aid in Kenya, the CGHD is studying a “Savings and Loan” approach to household economic strengthening which has become popular in East Africa. The information being generated from this study will be very useful to national governments, donor governments, and other partners to better understand how and if household economic strengthening activities affect households and OVC. The study will also make recommendations about impact indicators which can be used in other OVC program settings.

This project is one activity of the CGHD’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children—Comprehensive Action Research project (OVC-CARE).

Project Details

Principal Investigator Bruce Larson
Boston University Co-Investigators Malcolm Bryant
  • Maggie Bii, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
  • Rebecca Weir, Christian Aid
Country(ies) Kenya
Dates of Research 2010–2011