ISHED: International Studies in Health and Economic Development

Program Description

A team led by Dr. Jonathon Simon conducted research to determine if HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy fully regain their physical capabilities and maintain a quality of life similar to pre-onset of symptoms. A series of studies looked at adult tea pluckers enrolled in an HIV/AIDS care program at two tea company hospitals in Kenya. The findings indicate that HIV-infected workers who are treated with antiretrovirals are able, within seven months of treatment, to perform work similar to what they had done before they became sick. These findings provide an economic argument for employers and others to provide treatment for HIV-infected patients.

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Program Details

Principal Investigator Jonathon Simon
Boston University Co-Investigators Refer to links above for project-specific co-investigators.
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Country(ies) Kenya
Dates of Research 2004–2010
Donor/Funder NIH_Logo_150National Institutes of Health (NIH)