Implementing a Transparency and Accountability Policy to Reduce Corruption: The GAVI Alliance in Cameroon

Project Description

CGHD researchers were engaged to tell the story of the fraud and abuse which put at risk one donor’s country program in Cameroon. The GAVI Alliance is a public-private partnership committed to ensuring that children in developing countries receive life-saving vaccines.  From 2001 to 2011, the GAVI Alliance committed $171.6 million to the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to support health systems strengthening. In 2009, GAVI staff began to look closely at Cameroon’s financial systems and determined there was cause for worry. A later audit of one fund found evidence that GAVI’s fears were justified: out of $5.1 million in expenditures reviewed, the audit detected $3.7 million in fraud and abuse. The CGHD report examines how the fraud was detected, the role of GAVI and the Government in responding to the fraud, and how similar frauds could be prevented in the future.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Taryn Vian
Boston University Co-Investigator(s) N/A
Collaborator(s) N/A
Country(ies) Cameroon
Dates of Research 2013
Donor/Funder U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen Norway