Epidemiologic Analyses and HIV Treatment Outcomes in South Africa

Project Description

With the rapid expansion of access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in sub-Saharan Africa, the number of HIV-positive people on treatment has increased dramatically. As the large-scale roll-out of HIV treatment services continues in South Africa, it is critical to evaluate how effective these programs are in reducing HIV-related morbidity and mortality. At the same time, identifying ways to improve the delivery of care and increase positive outcomes in treated patients is imperative for the long-term success of this large undertaking.

CGHD staff, local partners, and collaborators are conducting epidemiologic analyses of several cohorts, including the Themba Lethu Clinical HIV Treatment Cohort—one of the largest clinical HIV treatment databases in South Africa, which includes demographic, clinical, and laboratory data on over 23,000 patients initiated on ART collected as part of routine HIV care. The goal is to evaluate interventions aimed at improving treatment outcomes and to generate program-relevant information to improve the ART treatment scale-up in South Africa.

This project is one activity of the CGHD’s Economics and Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment (South Africa Associate Award). .

Project Details

Principal Investigator Matthew Fox, Bruce Larson, Sydney Rosen
Boston University Co-Investigators Alana Brennan, Bill MacleodGesine Meyer-Rath
Country(ies) South Africa
Dates of Research 2007 – current