Costing of Household Economic Strengthening Interventions for OVC

Project Description

After decades of delivering multiple comprehensive OVC programs worldwide, relatively little information exists to (1) document the costs of OVC program implementation and (2) measure the impact of program interventions. The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Comprehensive Action Research Project (OVC-CARE) is in the process of answering the question: What are the costs per beneficiary of specific household economic strengthening interventions in Kenya?

Working with Christian Aid and two local NGOs, the CGHD has analyzed program-specific annual financial reports, asset registers, volunteer time and other donations, and additional organizational contributions not included in program financial reports. The result has been the ability to identify the costs per beneficiary, and also the development of a simple and replicable costing methodology that can be applied by NGOs and partners implementing OVC programs to plan and evaluate services more effectively. The CGHD is also studying how household economic strengthening activities impact OVC well-being and the costing information being generated is being linked to that study.

This project is one activity of the CGHD’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children—Comprehensive Action Research project (OVC-CARE).

Project Details

Principal Investigator Bruce Larson
Boston University Co-Investigators Malcolm Bryant
  • Maggie Bii, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
  • Claire Milligan, Christian Aid
Country(ies) Kenya
Dates of Research 2009–2010