Low education levels are closely linked with poor health and limited economic opportunities. While Africa is making progress towards achieving universal primary enrolment, there are still about 46 million primary-school-age children who are out of school in Sub Saharan Africa (UNICEF, 2010). Unfortunately, progress towards enrolment has not been accompanied by gains in primary school completion rates. Particular groups of children who are more likely to be out of school or not to complete the full cycle of primary education include: street children, children orphaned by or infected with HIV and AIDS, children from poor households, children with disabilities, child laborers, children living in conflict situations, and children living in rural, remote and marginalized areas (UNESCO, 2005).

More girls are out of school than boys, and the out-of-school girls are far more likely than boys never to go to school (UNESCO, 2010).In the long run, sub standard education and poor heath will have a decimating impact on Africa’s potential to develop economically and socially.

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