Corruption is increasingly recognized as a serious problem for both rich and poor countries, threatening international development and eroding confidence in government. At the health sector level, corruption is literally a matter of life and death if facilities crumble when repair funds are embezzled, if doctors extort under-the-table payments from patients, and if corrupt regulators allow fake drugs to flood markets. Fighting corruption requires strategies which are grounded in theory, informed by evidence, guided by experience, and adapted to context. Yet, at the sector level, those preparing to fight corruption have very few resources to guide them. The CGHD seeks to fill this gap through research and development of evidence-based adaptable tools and strategies for anticorruption in the health sector. Our research and policy work in the area of health sector corruption targets a range of professional audiences, including U.S. and foreign international development agency workers, government policy makers and administrators, and students and professors of public health around the world.

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