Public Private Partnerships

At the global level, partnerships between public and private entities have developed to create new vaccines and distribute life saving drugs for neglected tropical diseases. Within individual countries, new partnerships are developing to combine public and private resources in order to extend the reach of existing health services. CGHD faculty have:

  • Evaluated a program in Uganda where employer health facilities are accredited to provide antiretroviral therapy (ART) and then receive donor/Government funded ARV’s to expand the population being treated.
  • Extensively studied corporate efforts to prevent or treat AIDS
  • Compared the costs of fixed site and mobile HIV testing facilities in Namibia. The mobile facilities screened for eight diseases and conditions in addition to HIV, and were partially funded by fees paid by employers
  • Worked with a large Namibian mining company, a local NGO and the Ministry of Health and Social Services to develop arrangements to share health services in an isolated mining town.

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