Insurance and Finance

To make health services more accessible, societies must find ways to share the costs while purchasing the services in a cost-effective manner. Should developing countries look to health insurance as a means to share health care costs? How might providers best be paid in order to encourage efficient care of good quality? The CGHD faculty have explored these questions in a variety of countries:

  • In Namibia, the CGHD studied the impact on employee attrition and related employer costs when some companies purchased low-cost health insurance coverage for the first time, entitling all their workers to good quality HIV/AIDS care in the private sector.
  • Also in Namibia, the CGHD estimated the extent to which full health insurance coverage of formal sector workers would reduce the burden on the government to pay for AIDS care
  • In Armenia, CGHD staff developed a new costing model for laboratory services and tested options for changing the existing “capitation” formula used to pay primary care facilities.

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