Analyzing the Organizational Development of 3 NGOs Providing Care to OVC

Project Description

NGOs in India provide a range of essential services to orphans and vulnerable children in their communities. The mix of approaches and interventions vary by organization, and has changed over time as the HIV epidemic unfolded and the understanding of the needs of orphans and vulnerable children has evolved. This activity provides a unique opportunity to work with three organizations providing care and support to orphans and vulnerable children in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. The focus of this activity is to analyze the development and organizational structure of each organization, understand their vision for the future and ensure that lessons learned are well documented.

This is one project under the CGHD’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Research in India.

Project Details

Principal Investigator  Malcolm Bryant 
Boston University Co-Investigators  Jenny Ruducha, Jonathon Simon 
  • Community Health Education Society (CHES)
  • Sneha Charitable Trust (SCT)
Country(ies) India
Dates of Research 2011–2012