Analysis of the Committed Communities Development Trust’s Residential Care for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (including the Children of Sex Workers)

Project Description

The Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) was established in Mumbai in 1990 and provides day, night, and residential care for children as well as community-based support for vulnerable children. This activity will look at the needs of children, the care they receive, and the evolution of CCDT’s services over the last twenty years to develop an evidence-based case study in providing long term comprehensive care to orphans.  Analyzing the CCDT evolving residential care strategy will also provide a body of detailed qualitative evidence from a relatively large population, which will highlight best practices and explore strategies dealing with challenges.

This is one project under the CGHD’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children Research in India.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Jennifer Beard, Ashok Patwari
Boston University Co-Investigators Malcolm BryantJonathon Simon
  • Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT)
Country(ies) India
Dates of Research 2011–2012