Framework for addressing out-of-pocket and informal payments for health services in the Republic of Moldova

Project Description

The Government of Moldova is committed to ensuring access to affordable high-quality health care for all citizens through health reforms which promote universal coverage, reduce inequities, improve efficiency and expand financial protection. Yet, there is concern that high out-of-pocket (OOP) payments and the presence of informal payments may be hindering achievement of these goals. Between 2013-2014, CGHD researchers worked with the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova to develop a framework for addressing out-of-pocket and informal payments for health services. The study analyzed how OOP and informal payments are affecting health sector objectives, analyzed the drivers of these payments, and made recommendations for policy solutions. Data were collected through review of documents including health laws, key informant interviews, focus groups with providers and patients, and analysis of quantitative data on salaries and household care seeking behavior and expenditures. A policy workshop for 45 participants was held at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova in January 2004 to present the draft framework and discuss policy options. The final report incorporates input from this workshop.

Project Details

Principal Investigator Taryn Vian
Boston University Co-Investigators Frank G. Feeley
Collaborators World Health Organization Country Office in Moldova, Bureau of Statistics in the Republic of Moldova
Country Republic of Moldova
Dates of Research 2013-2014
Donor/Funder A joint initiative of the European Union and the World Health Organization to support policy dialogue and universal health coverage