Epidemiologic Research (Quantitative)

CGHD researchers work closely with colleagues across the globe to describe the epidemiology of infectious diseases in resource-limited settings, spending time on rigorous testing and evaluation of interventions designed to reduce the burden and impact of those diseases.

Our team of epidemiologists, demographers, and statisticians focus on developing research questions that have implications for location-specific policy change. We focus on a diverse set of topics, ranging from ways to improve outcomes for patients on HIV treatment in South Africa to looking for ways to identify children with severe pneumonia who will likely fail antibiotic therapy and need referral for supportive care.

Our team works on both primary data collection and secondary data analysis and combines this with appropriate study designs and advanced analytic methods to answer important questions. We collaborate with partners worldwide but with a large focus on partnerships with the Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office (HE2RO) in South Africa, ZCAHRD in Zambia, and the Kenya Medical Research Institute.