How do you make more people healthy? How do you encourage the kinds of development that can help make populations safer and more productive?

The strength of the CGHD lies in our ability to unite the theoretical with the practical, using tools from anthropology, economics, epidemiology, and sociology to address important global health and development issues. We give expert guidance to governments, NGOs, and health professionals around the world. We figure out what interventions work, what doesn’t work, and why. Our teams use powerful data to understand some of the world’s most difficult health- and development-related challenges.

Since much of our research uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches, we are able to explore both the depth and breadth of any public health concern. At the CGHD, we provide clear and compelling answers to critical questions using the following capabilities:

Through our collaborative work with our BU partners and scientists worldwide, we seek to strengthen individual and institutional capacity to conduct and utilize research. In the future, the CGHD plans to continue to build a portfolio of research that matches our educational strengths and approaches to the critical global health and social development challenges of our time.