Bruce Larson

Research Professor, Global Health

University of Wisconsin, MA, PhD

  • Office: Crosstown Center, CT378
  • Phone: 617-414-1457
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Dr. Larson is an applied economist with the Department of International Health and the Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD). See the CGHD website,, for information on recent and continuing research activities.

Dr. Larson has conducted research activities in 25 countries over the past 20 years, mainly in Africa and the former Soviet Union. Before joining Boston University, Larson was an Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut, a Research Associate with the Harvard Institute for International Development, a Research Fellow with Winrock International, and an Agricultural Economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As part of these activities, he was based in Tallinn and Moscow during 1994-1997 and Nairobi in 2005-2006.

Note: The publications list below does not include publications outside of public health (e.g. agriculture, environment, development, international trade).



Screening HIV-infected patients with low CD4 counts for cryptococcal antigenemia prior to initiation of antiretroviral therapy: cost effectiveness of alternative screening strategies in South Africa

Bruce A. Larson, Peter C. Rockers, Rachael Bonawitz, Charlotte Sriruttan, Deborah K. Glencross, Naseem Cassim, Lindi M. Coetzee, Gregory S. Greene, Tom M. Chiller, Snigdha Vallabhaneni, Lawrence Long, Craig van Rensburg, Nelesh P. Govender

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Effect of antiretroviral therapy on patients’ economic well-being: five-year follow up in South Africa

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Uptake, Outcomes, and Costs of Antenatal, Well-Baby, and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Services under Routine Care Conditions in Zambia

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Exploring impacts of multi-year, community-based care programs for orphans and vulnerable children: A case study from Kenya

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Same-Day CD4 Testing to Improve Uptake of HIV Care and Treatment in South Africa: Point-of-Care Is Not Enough

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Retention in Care and Outpatient Costs for Children Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Zambia: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis

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Loss to follow-up before and after delivery among women testing HIV positive during pregnancy in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Antiretroviral Therapy, Labor Productivity, and Gender: A Longitudinal Cohort Study of Tea Pluckers in Kenya

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ART treatment costs and retention in care in Kenya: a cohort study in three rural outpatient clinics

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HE2RO Policy Brief 6: THE Benefits of Antiretroviral Therapy for Patients’ Economic Well-Being

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2013 Jan.

Defining retention and attrition in pre-antiretroviral HIV care: proposals based on experience in Africa

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PEPFAR’s Support For Orphans And Vulnerable Children: Some Beneficial Effects, But Too Little Data, And Programs Spread Thin

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How to calculate the annual costs of NGO- implemented programmes to support orphans and vulnerable children: a six-step approach

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How to Estimate the Cost of Point-of-Care CD4 Testing in Program Settings: An Example Using the Alere PimaTM Analyzer in South Africa

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Exploring the Impact of the Community-Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CBCO) Program

Bruce Larson & the CBCO Study Team

Washington, DC: USAID; 2012 Mar.

Rapid, Point-of-Care CD4 Testing At Mobile and Fixed HIV Testing Sites: Does It Increase Linkage to HIV Care?

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