Gates Foundation Awards CGHD Evaluation of MACEPA

November 5, 2012

After leading the evaluation of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), the CGHD was awarded a contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and conduct an evaluation of the Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa (MACEPA).  MACEPA is a program at PATH that aims to eliminate malaria in Africa using existing tools and a focused strategy.  The evaluation team of Drs. Jon Simon, Don Thea and Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, will travel to Seattle, Washington, D.C., Switzerland, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia to evaluate MACEPA’s work to date.

The MACEPA Project is believed to have been central to the Zambian efforts to implement their malaria control program at a national scale, said CGHD Director Jon Simon. Zambia’s experience was the first ‘proof of principle’ that nationwide reduction and control of malaria in Africa was possible.  MACEPA is now positioned at the leading edge of trying to determine how the global programs can move from malaria control to elimination on the pathway to eradication of malaria.  This opportunity to evaluate the successes and limitations of the MACEPA experience may offer important guidance to the current efforts to sustain recent advances in malaria control and contribute important information to the elimination efforts underway in multiple African countries.