Former President Banda of Zambia & Mrs. Banda Visit the CGHD

April 25, 2012

The Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) was honored to welcome His Excellency Former President Banda of Zambia and Her Excellency Mrs. Banda to a special CGHD forum with a former head of state.

I did not realize how deep our relationship was (with Boston University),”the former president said to a room packed with students, faculty, staff and guests.  “There are many people working in Zambia from this great university.

The CGHD’s largest country portfolio is in Zambia, where it manages 26 projects, including Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL). The CGHD is working with our Zambian partner, the Zambia Center for Applied Health Research and Development, on SMGL to implement programs that aim to drastically reduce maternal mortality in the Kalomo District.

Former President Banda is the current president-in-residence at the BU African Presidential Center.  After losing the Zambian presidential election in 2011, he peacefully stepped down and will now devote his time and energy into sharing his life experiences from his days as ambassador to Egypt, the U.S., and the United Nations, to serving his country as vice president and then president.

“There is great hope for my country as we go forward,” he said.  “I lost the election.  It’s over.  Now it’s my time to learn, to start to know what I can do in my private capacity.”

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