SCM People: Americans and their WSCF Friends

What made the Student Christian Movement distinctive was that it was a community of spiritual practice, not dogma. From the earliest days at Dwight Moody’s summer Bible conferences, students adopted a quiet time in the morning called Morning Watch, Bible study, a common day of prayer for students, as well as mission and social study. Later, after World War I placed increasing demands on their hearts and minds, they added practices of more intense study and service that informed their theological reflection, and ritualized devotions and deliberation that shaped it. The people formed by these practices were bonded in distinctive ways that shows in the lives they lived.

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U.S. Delegation, Mysore, India 1928

By Ada FocerJune 6th, 2012in SCM people, SCM-USA

The people in this photo were the delegates from the United States to the World Student Christian Federation conference in Mysore, India in 1928, just a few of the hundreds who became international people by attending such conferences. This is a page from a photo album assembled by John R. Mott, one of the WSCF founders, now in the Yale University Library. The trip would have been by boat and taken many... More