SCM-USA Project

The SCM-USA Project will organize the recovery of the memory of the Student Christian Movement in the United States and argue that it constitutes a major tributary of American Protestantism neither liberal nor conservative that was characterized not by theology or doctrine but by common spiritual practices that shaped the life of the SCM-formed ecumenical community around the world. Because of the deep spiritual bonds students formed across barriers of difference, the SCM became a cultural innovator as the country became more heterogeneous. Although the University Christian Movement, the last organizational embodiment of the SCM in the USA disbanded in 1969, the impact of the movement continues to be felt in churches, universities, and non-governmental organizations working to address human needs around the world.

Project Director: Ada Focer

Margaret Flory (1913-2009)

June 6th, 2012 in FIM, SCM-USA.

The Frontier Internship in Mission program came from the creative, entrepreneurial mind of Margaret Flory, the Presbyterian official in charge of Student Work, but who considered herself a missionary to all of the world's students. A fireball of energy with a keen sense of Christian commitment and sensitivity to what... More

U.S. Delegation, Mysore, India 1928

June 6th, 2012 in SCM people, SCM-USA.

The people in this photo were the delegates from the United States to the World Student Christian Federation conference in Mysore, India in 1928, just a few of the hundreds who became international people by attending such conferences. This is a page from a photo album assembled... More

First Summer Bible Conference – 1886

June 6th, 2012 in SCM history.

Northfield, Massachusetts This is where it all began. It was supposed to be just a Bible Conference, sponsored by the YMCA and hosted by the famous evangelist Dwight Moody at the Mount Hermon School he had recently founded. What actually happened was Northfield Summer Conferences became the engine... More