Boston area web links

African Initiated Church Rituals
A collection of photos of AIC rituals taken by Professor M.L. Daneel.

African Studies Library at Boston University

Boston Theological Institute
“The Boston Theological Institute is a consortium of nine theological schools and seminaries in the Boston area…We harness our collective resources to advance ecumenical relations, model good stewardship, strengthen our teaching and research, and more fully engage our community and the world.”

Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
A research center that provides empirical information and analysis on the global Christian movement for professors, students, GCTS alumni, visiting religion scholars, church leaders, missiologists and journalists.

Congregational Library of the Congregational Christian Historical Society
Includes the Vinton books: “During the 19th century, many Congregational missionaries traveled the world under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. In 1869, Rev. John A. Vinton compiled brief biographies for those missionaries who had served in the field until that date. The collection was updated several times in the decades following Vinton’s death, and transcribed copies exist at several institutions, but it has never been published. Because it is such a rare and valuable resource for our researchers, particularly religous historians and genealogists, we have made it available online through the Internet Archive.”

Emmanuel Review Archive of the Emmanuel Gospel Center, Boston
Articles regarding immigrant and ethnic communities and congregations in Boston and the New England region.

Mission Archives at Boston University School of Theology
Listing of mission archives and other mission research sources collected in the School of Theology library.