United Methodist Church

United Methodist Missionary Association (UMMA) Conference

Rethink Mission: Reflection and Action, From Edinburgh 1910 – 2010
Mission Engagement Past, Present and Future

Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville, TNumma-world_map
October 15-17, 2010

Keynote speaker: Dr. Dana Robert, Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission at Boston University delivered the address “Rethinking Missionaries.”

This self-funded Conference was organized by a coalition of missionaries and mission related personnel, primarily United Methodists with a passion for God’s mission. The planning committee consisted of leaders of the missionary organizations, professors of mission and representatives of mission boards and Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the historic site for training missionaries and Christian education workers. The program design  included scope for interdenominational and ecumenical discussions drawing on the rich resources of the Edinburgh 2010 missionary conference. Participants of the official Edinburgh 2010 conference  led off the sessions and selected study themes were highlighted during the three day together. Time was included for designing action plans to see ways to engage the churches anew.