African Initiatives in Christian Mission Book Series


apostolic-prophet-frameLiterature on Christian mission in Africa has been biased toward the activity of Western-oriented mission. White missionaries, Western mission policies, and the relationship of mission to European imperialism have dominated the discussion of African missions. Little attention has been paid by scholars to African initiatives in Christian mission, nor have missiological studies been made exclusively from the perspective of the so-called “recipients.” Yet the phenomenal growth of Christianity in Africa has occurred in the 20th century, much of it after the independence of the continent from outside control. The series African Initiatives in Christian Mission represents an attempt to address the reality that the spread of Christianity in Africa, its shape and character, has been the product of African Christians, both in the “mission churches” and the “African Initiated/Independent Churches (AICs).” The African Initiatives in Christian Mission Series is edited by M.L. Daneel and Dana L. Robert, published by UNISA Press, and includes the following volumes:

No. 1: A Man with A Shadow: The Life and Times of Professor ZK Matthews by Willem Saayman (1996)

No. 2: African Earthkeepers. Vol. 1: Interfaith Mission in Earth-Care by Marthinus L. Daneel

No. 3: African Earthkeepers. Vol 2: Environmental Mission and Liberation in Christian Perspective by Marthinus L. Daneel

No. 4: Transfigured Night: Mission and Culture in Zimbabwe’s Vigil Movement by Titus Presler

No. 5: Touching the Heart: Xhosa Missionaries to Malawi, 1876-1888 by Jack Thompson

No. 6: Zion and Pentecost: The Spirituality and Experience of Pentecostal Zionist Apostolic Churches in South Africa by Allan Anderson

No. 7: African Christian Outreach. Vol. 1: The African Initiated Churches edited by Marthinus L. Daneel

No. 8: Frontiers of African Christianity: Essays in honour of Inus Daneel edited by Greg Cuthbertson, Hennie Pretorius, and Dana Robert

No. 9: African Christian Outreach. Vol. 2. The Mission Churches edited by Dana L. Robert

No. 10: Drumbeats: Sounds of Zion in the Cape Flats by Hennie Pretorius (2004)

No. 11: All Things Hang Together: Holistic Theologies at the African Grassroots by Marthinus L. Daneel (2008)

No. 12: Clio in a Sacred Garb: Essays on Christian Presence and African Responses, 1900-2000 by Ogbu Kalu (Africa World Press, 2008)

No. 13: African Initiatives in Healing Ministry by Lilian Dube, Tabona Shoko, and Stephen Hayes

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