Kapya John Kaoma

kaoma xxxBTh Theological College of Central Africa, 1997
MA University of Bristol, 1998
ThD Boston University, 2010

Dr. Kapya John Kaoma has extensive pastoral experience which informs his research interests. He has written and spoken about subjects in mission history, the Anglican communion, gender and African culture, and eco-social justice.


Priest in Charge, Christ Church and Iglesia de San Juan, Hyde Park, MA, 2004-presen
Priest Associate, Christ Church and Iglesia de San Juan, Hyde Park, Boston, MA, 2003 -2004
Priest in Charge, St. George’s Anglican Church, Luanshya, Zambia, 2001-2002
Academic Dean, St. John’s Anglican Seminary, Zambia, 2001-2002
Dean, St. John’s Cathedral, Mutare, Zimbabwe, 2000-2001
Chaplain, St. Augustine’s Mission orphanage, Penhalonga, Zimbabwe, 1999-2000
Lecturer, Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe, 1998-2001
Priest in Charge, Holy Name, Mutare, Diocese of Manicaland, Zimbabwe, 1998- 1999
Superior of the Franciscan Community of Divine Compassion, 1997-2001
Assistant to the Dean, Cathedral of the Holy Nativity, Ndola, Zambia, 1995-1997


Representative of the Anglican Communion at the Edinburgh 2010 Mission Conference
Chair, Board of Massachusetts Scholarships for Africans Studying in America (MSASA), 2009 – present
Co-Chair, MSASA, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, 2007-September 2009
Board Member, Episcopal City Mission, Boston, MA, 2008-present
Member, Diocesan immigration Taskforce committee, Boston, MA, 2007-present
Coordinator, Jubilee 2000 Campaign, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, 1997-98


“Mission Beyond Edinburgh 2010,” Presented at Boston2010 Missionary Conference, November 5,
2010. To be included in the forthcoming book.

“Who is a Colonialist: “African Antigay Politics in the Global Discourse,” Publiceye Magazine,
Forthcoming, 2010.

Missio Dei or missio Creator Dei: Witnessing to Christ in the Face of the Occurring Ecological Crisis,”
originally presented at Edinburgh 2010.  To be included in forthcoming volume.

How U.S. Clergy Brought Hate to Uganda,” The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide 17. 3, (May-June, 2010).

The U.S. Christian Right and the Attack on Gays in Africa,” Publiceye Magazine, (Winter 09 and Spring
10 Edition), 2010.

Globalizing the Culture Wars: US Conservatives, African Churches and Homophobia, Publication of
Political Research Associates, 2009.

“Are Prophets Born or Made? Reflecting and Respecting the Academic Legacy of Boston University,”
Focus, Boston University School of Theology, Special Issue, March, 2008:26-29.

“When the Walls of Jerusalem Fall: Mission to the West,” Boston Theological Institute Newsletter,
Volume XXXIV, 2005.

“David Livingstone’s Attitude toward Nature,” Proceedings of Boston Theological Institute Costas
Consultation in Global Mission 2003: Boston Theological Institute Newsletter, Spring 2003.

Incarnational Politics, Saving the World from Democracy,” Co-authored with Elizabeth Parsons, The
, July 19, 2002.

“God, Humanity and Nature: Revisiting St. Francis of Assisi,” Listening:  Journal of Religion and Culture 35, (Fall, 2000): 222-238.


“Mission, Theological Education and the Environment,” presented at All Africa Theological Education by Extension Africa, Accra, Ghana, October 5, 2010.

“Globalizing the culture wars: US conservatives, African churches and homophobia,”presented at the 2010 International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria,  July 21, 2010.

“U.S Conservatives and African Anti-Gay Politics,” presented at The Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, CA, July 6, 2010.

Keynote Speaker, Confronting Racism: The New England Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, Acton, MA, March 28, 2010.

“The one who talks, gives wisdom: Some Reflections on Africa’s Opposition to Human Sexuality,” Plenary Paper, First African Dialogue on Christianity and Sexuality, Stellenbosch, South Africa, November 3, 2009.

“What it Means to be a Man or Woman in Africa: The Historical Roots of Homophobia in Africa Today,” presented at MSASA Scholars’ Symposium, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, April, 2009.

“Revisiting the Question of Ancestors and Democracy in Africa: A Point of View,” presented at MSASA Scholars’ Forum, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, April, 2007.

“Examining the Millennium Development Goals: Prospects and Challenges,” St. Christopher’s Episcopal
Church of Chatham, MA.  March 8, 2007.

“Theology, Environment and Peace: Why the Earth Matters to God,” Plenary Paper, Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Seminar, Sponsored by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in conjunction with Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Kitwe, Zambia, September 15, 2006.

“When the Walls of Jerusalem Fall: Mission to the West,” Presented Orlando Costas Consultation on
Global Mission, Boston Theological Institute, Harvard Divinity School, March 5, 2005.

“When the Spirit Becomes Visible: The Manifestation of the God in Nature,” Presented at African Studies
Student Conference, Boston University, 2005.

“An Ark Surviving the Flood, The Church and HIV,” Presented at St. John’s Anglican Seminary, Kitwe,
Zambia, 2004.

“Our Blood will Mean Something at Last: The African American Influence in the Theology of John Chilembwe,” Orlando Costas Consultation on Global Mission “The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow: Africa in the Global Witness of the Black Church,” Presented at Andover Newton Theological School, Newton, MA, 2004.

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“Philosophical Critique of Political Development in Southern Africa,” Presented at Faculty Seminar,
Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe, 2000.

“A Priest as a Pastor, Teacher and Prophet,” Presented at Provincial Clergy Seminar, Mutare, Zimbabwe,