Year by year, advanced graduate students pass through the School of Theology and the Center for Global Christianity, then go out into the world to teach and do what they have been studying. As they move, the CGCM community grows in engagement through them. They are such a diverse group of people that no one description could possibly do the entire body justice. Instead, news and updates will be regularly provided. Cumulatively, their activities will create a portrait of the CGCM alumni community.

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Dr.Koh Hyeseong recognized as an Outstanding American by Choice

By Soojin Chung
July 18th, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, Korean Diaspora, People.


“‘Parents of Four Children are Boston University teaching team,’ from a September 10, 1959, Boston newspaper article.” Dr. Koh Hyeseong and Dr.Koh Kwang-Lim.

On July 19, 2016, Dr. Koh Hyeseong-Cheon will be recognized as an Outstanding American by Choice by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for her achievements and contributions as a naturalized citizen. Senator Richard Blumenthal and other representatives of the government will speak at this event. She is the first Korean American to receive this recognition. Dr. Koh received a Doctorate degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Boston University in 1959. She is a co-founder of the East Rock Institute in New Haven, Connecticut (1952-) and her leadership was acknowledged through her reception of the Prime Minister’s Award in South Korea (1990), the Korean Broadcasting Society Overseas Korean Compatriot Prize in South Korea (2000), the Connecticut Governor’s Award (2003), and the Order of Civil Merit in South Korea (2007). More description of her achievements can be found at the Boston Korean Diaspora Project website.

Hunter Mabry, American Sociologist and Missionary

By Soojin Chung
July 18th, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, People.

1468561418Dr. Hunter P. Mabry, teacher, sociologist, and missionary, passed away on July 9, 2016, after a long struggle with chronic radiation damage. Mabry obtained his Doctorate in Sociology of Religion and Social Ethics at the Boston University School of Theology in 1969 and had taught and mentored hundreds of students under the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries and the United Theological College in Bangalore, India. His memorial service was held on July 16 at the Jesus the Redeemer Church, Roanoke, Virginia. Full tribute can be found here.

Korea Research Institute for Mission

By dri
June 22nd, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, People, Research, Students, Uncategorized.


From L to R: Daewon Moon, Nelson Jennings, and Steve Moon

From L to R: Daewon Moon, Nelson Jennings, and Steve Moon

Daewon Moon, Doctoral Fellow at the CGCM, was recently appointed as a visiting researcher at the Korea Research Institute for Mission (KRIM). He is involved in a project to develop training materials for Korean missionary candidates under the leadership of the renowned Korean missiologist Dr. Steve Moon, who is contributing editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. Daewon is also supporting KRIM’s annual missiological forum and seminar. Following a year and a half of mission work at International Leadership University in Burundi, he and his family have temporarily relocated to Korea due to political instability in Burundi.

Building Bridges

By dri
May 19th, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, People.

At the United Methodist General Conference, Glen Messer–the first faculty associate of the CGCM, and now an executive in the Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships–announced that the UMC was forming two new ecumenical relationships. One was with the Moravian Church and the other with the Uniting Church in Sweden.

Perfecting Unity

By dri
May 10th, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, People, Publications.

In his new book, Perfecting Unity, Glen Alton Messer II–the first faculty associate of the Center for Global Christianity & Mission–aids Christ’s disciples in discernment in the midst of this present moment of time; in our world and context. The book is also written for those who wish to understand Christians and the things with which they wrestle as they do their best to live faithfully in the world. It is not a book that gives answers. Indeed, it is a book that challenges answers formulated previously by other faithful Christians in different moments and different contexts. It is not a repudiation of what came before; but a reminder that the practice of courage in people of faith necessitates the testing of previous worldviews and the formulation of new best attempts to incarnate the love of God in us and around us.

The book is being published one chapter at a time, with a new chapter appearing every Wednesday until October. The material is digitally accessible now, and later will be available for purchase through Amazon.

Vincent Machozi Memorial Services

By dri
April 11th, 2016 in Africa, Alumni Profiles and News.

On April 26th, life and death of Father Vincent Machozi, A.A. was remembered during a memorial service to be held in the Boston University Marsh Chapel. The service began at 2:00 pm, and included various people from the communities Father Machozi overlapped with in Boston, such as the School of Theology, African Studies, the Assumptionists, Congolese immigrants, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Recently, a service was held for him at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Everett, Massachusetts, and his funeral was held in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Exploring Sports and Spirituality in the Classroom

By Eva Pascal
April 6th, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, Announcements.

The city of Boston is a sports-loving city with thousands of people following sports religiously. But what is the connection between sports and spirituality? Some scholars are exploring that very question. Boston University School of Theology alum Mark Stamm teaches a course precisely on the connection between sports and spirituality in American culture. Dr. Stamm (STH, Th.D. ’95) is a Professor of Christian Worship at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Nurtured in the loved Boston Red Sox baseball team in his time at BU, Dr. Stamm belongs to the Society for American Baseball Research. He explores how baseball and other sports impact on Christian faith, spirituality, and even liturgy. You can read more about his fascinating course in the article on Sports and Spirituality by Sam Hodges.

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Mission and Friendship

By dri
April 3rd, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, Dana L. Robert, Dana L. Robert, People, Research, World Christianity.

On March 30th, Dana Robert delivered the annual Donald A. Yerxa Lecture in History at Eastern Nazarene College. She probed the role of “Cross-Cultural Christian Friendships in the Age of Nationalist Revolution, 1950s-1970s,” asserting that these close connections were costly in the midst of shifting political arrangements, but that they were important reminders that Christianity was a multi-ethnic, global religion. Christian friendships that did not collapse under the extraordinary pressure and violence of nationalism underscored the reality of world Christianity.

The lecture also pointed to another type of enduring friendship. Dana Robert has been the reader for four dissertations written by Nazarene scholars. All four were able to attend the lecture and are pictured below.


Front Row (L-R): Mary Lou Shea, David Restrick, Dana Robert. Back Row (L-R): William McCoy, Daryl Ireland


Vincent Machozi (’15) Laid Down His Life for Peace

By dri
March 23rd, 2016 in Africa, Alumni Profiles and News, People, Students, World Christianity.


Rev. Vincent Machozi (STH’15), an Assumptionist priest, was gunned down Sunday night in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by a dozen armed men, reportedly members of the country’s army. Photo courtesy of Augustinians of the Assumption North American Province.

Sunday, March 20th, Father Vincent Machozi, A.A. was murdered for his work in documenting the human rights abuses that were happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Machozi had been a ThD student in Mission Studies and Ethics, but returned to Congo before completing the degree in hopes that he could speak out agains the atrocities that were being committed in eastern Congo.

A memorial service will be held at Boston University. For fuller coverage of the story, BU Today, Crux, and the Assumptionists have each published accounts of the heroic life and tragic death of Rev. Machozi.

Popular Spiritual Movements in Southeast Asia

By dri
February 23rd, 2016 in Alumni Profiles and News, Announcements, Faculty Associates, People, Publications, Research, Students, World Christianity.

The Handbook on Popular Spiritual Movements (PSM) in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia was a research project and publication owned by Trinity Theological College (TTC), Singapore, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Poon, Director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia (CSCA). Boston University, through the Center for Global Christianity and Mission, was a supportive partner through the participation of Dr. Charles Farhadian (PhD 2000) as a co-editor, Dr. Dana Robert as a consulting editor, and the Drs. Septemmy Lakawa (ThD, 2011), Daryl Ireland (PhD 2015), and David Scott (PhD, 2013) as contributors to section III:  Case Studies of Popular Spiritual Movements.

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