Category: Visiting Researchers

Killing our Children’s Children

Surveying ecological disasters around the world, Visiting Researcher Kapya Kaoma delivered sharp warnings that an earth-theology must be developed, or we will be “killing our children’s children.” Dr. Kaoma delivered his message during the Gunther Wittenberg Lecture at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Ujamaa Centre in South Africa. His entire lecture has been made through Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism […]

Hindu-Christian Dialogue

National Council of Churches Announces New Dialogue The National Council of Churches USA and The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out are pleased to announce their intention to explore the formation of a  new Hindu-Christian Dialogue.  The Christian convener of this dialogue, national in scope, will be Dr. Jesudas Athyal of the Mar Thoma Church, and […]

Education as a Mission

Education as a Mission The Greatest Work in the World: Education as a Mission of Early TwentiethCentury Churches of Christ. Letters of Lloyd Cline Sears and Pattie Hathaway Armstrong The Stone-Campbell Connection Influences of Stone-Campbell Movement leaders on the writers of these letters are several and strong, beginning with Pattie Hathaway’s grandfather, James A. Harding. In […]

The Indian Presence in the Ecumenical Movement

CGCM visiting researcher Jesudas Athyal’s edited book A Light to the Nations: The Indian Presence in the Ecumenical Movement in the Twentieth Century is now available.  There are a range of contributors in this volume, including Wesley Ariarajah (Former Director of WCC Interfaith department and Professor Emeritus of Ecumenical Theology at Drew University), Fr. K. M. George (Orthodox […]