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The Missiology of Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck’s fame as a novelist (best known for her beloved book The Good Earth) often overshadowed her original vocation as a Presbyterian missionary and her later role as a social activist. Her Christian values, however, provided an important foundation for humanitarian works. Soojin Chung recently published an article titled “The Missiology of Pearl […]

41st Korea Missiology Forum

A Korea Missiology Forum, which has been hosted by Korea Research Institute for Mission (KRIM) since 2004, was held on January 12, 2017 at Nam Seoul Presbyterian Church, Seoul, South Korea. Rev. Daewon Moon, who is Ph.D. candidate at Boston University, spoke about “Ancestor Cults in Africa and African Initiated Churches” and Rev. Chun Lee, […]

African Christian Biographies

The Advisory Council of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography met at St. Mary Magdalene’s Retreat House in Nairobi, Kenya for their 3rd annual meeting, December 3-5. The meeting was very well attended by ten of the twelve advisors who came from nine African countries. The all-day meeting on Monday focused on reports of the past year’s activities […]

Mission Education in Burundi

The International Leadership University (ILU) in Burundi has established a graduate program in mission studies. Dr. Fohle Lygunda, the Academic Dean and Daewon Moon, a CGCM student associate, have collaborated for the past several years to open research and education in this field. Mission Studies is quite new to the central African region. The first group of master’s […]

The Indefatigable Work of Don Carlos Janes

At the turn of the 20th century, Churches of Christ had less than a nominal level of missionary activity. With few missionaries abroad and fewer churches willing to support them along with no denominationally baptized mechanism for conducting a missionary enterprise, the prospect of a viable missions program that covered the denomination seemed bleak for […]

Making of Buddhism in the West

Eva Pascal argues that the idea of Buddhism as a common religion across much of Asia, did not emerge in the 19th century as has been widely assumed. Instead, it was Spanish Franciscan Friars in the 16th century who, in their interactions with Buddhist monks in Thailand, China, and Japan recognized a common core. In a lecture delivered […]

Vincent Machozi’s Calling

Father Vincent Machozi (STH ’15), a priest from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was recently killed during his peaceful protest to help end the violence. He operated a website Beni Lubero Online, where he posted photos of victims of violence in the DRC province of North Kivu, as well as reports that often […]

Mission and Transnational Adoption

Soojin Chung, CGCM student affiliate, recently published an article “Transnational Adoption: A Noble Cause? Female Missionaries as Pioneers of Transnational Adoption, 1945-1965” in Evangelical Missions Quarterly (October 2016). This article reviews biblical and theological grounds for international adoption, followed by a case study of two prominent female missionaries who spearheaded the transnational adoption movement in […]