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American Evangelicals and Missions

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Dana Robert sits by Grant Wacker, Alvyn Austin, Margaret Van Die, Kathryn Long, Mark Noll, and Martin Marty at the final meeting of the ISAE.

Since 1988, Dana Robert has served on the Board of the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals. Over the years, the ISAE produced important literature on a number of topics, including the relationship between American Evangelicalism and missions. At the end of October, the ISAE gathered for the final time. They both looked to the past, and what the institute has accomplished, as well as to the future and what horizons are yet to be explored.


Narratives of World Christianity

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dana-robert-200Dana L. Robert, CGCM director, presented, “Twentieth-Century Mission Studies and the Narrative of ‘World Christianity’.’”  The audio file is a fascinating historical study on the rise of the term, “World Christianity.”


Dr. Fohle Lygunda visits the CGCM

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Dr. Lygunda and Dr. Robert

Dr. Lygunda and Dr. Robert

The CGMC was delighted by the visit of Rev. Dr. Fohle Lygunda, Head of the Department of Missiology at International Leadership University (ILU) – Burundi, on June 14. Dr. Lygunda and Dr. Dana Robert discussed a possible collaboration for the Dictionary of African Christian Biography (DACB), which was transferred to Boston University in 2012. Dr. Lygunda previously worked as a Project Luke Fellow for the DACB at Overseas Ministries Study Center (OMSC) in New Haven, CT. He also wrote an article on Central Africa for the Atlas of Global Christianity: 1910-2010. Under his leadership, ILU-Burundi launched a master’s program in Missiology, in which doctoral student Daewon Moon has served as a visiting lecturer since 2012.

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New Photo from Eastern Mennonite U. Lectures

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Augsburger lecture chapel with Dr. Dana Robert





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